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Guides, FAQs and problem solutions for Networking equipment and their configuration.

A Guide to Network Modules / WICs for Cisco Routers

This article clarifies which network modules and Wide Area Network (WAN) Interface Cards (WICs) are compatible with which Cisco router platforms.

IBM Server Raid Manager alert "Vendor Unsupported"
Work around for the IBM Server Raid Manager alert for vendor unsupported hard drives.
IBM Thinkpad Laptops - mini-PCI BIOS Restriction
The BIOS of IBM Thinkpad Laptops restrict the brand and model of mini-PCI cards that can be installed. This offers article offers a solution.
Applies to the following IBM Thinkpad models, including but not limited to, T30, X30, T40, T41, R40, R41.
Netegriti Mini PCI Wireless Card Drivers
Driver and utility software for your Netegriti Mini-PCI Wireless / WiFi Card. EM-9AB, EM-500AG, EM-600AG, EM-700NAG
Netscreen 5GT Manual
This is a link to the latest Netscreen 5GT manual in PDF format.
What is an OEM product? What does OEM mean? Why buy OEM?

DiscTech sells many products in their OEM version. This article discusses the benefits and implications of OEM products.

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