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Refurbishing procedure for pre-owned hard drives

All pre-owned / previously installed hard drives that are sold by DiscounTechnology go through a vigorous testing process that not only determines the quality of the product but also removes any previous data that may have been on the drive.

The testing process determines the quality of the drive by performing the following:

  • Block level read/write functionality with data comparison across all blocks

  • Low level formatting

  • Determining the existence of grown defects

  • Random block read / write for disk head motion tests

  • Log file power on hour check for condition level verification

The block level testing that we do is data destructive. This means that any existing data on the drive is completely removed due to the process of writing an incremental / decremental data pattern across all available blocks. This process is followed up by a format to re-initialize the disk back to it's factory setting.

DiscTech's Hard Drive Recertification Program

This article provides and overview and detailed explanation of DiscTech's Hard Drive Recertification Program.

We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our pre-owned products, especially our recertified hard drives and put each individual disk through a state-of-the-art diagnostics process before allowing it to be packaged and shipped out to you, the customer.

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