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Product Warranties Explained

We sell products in a variety of warranty levels. If you prefer to buy only full manufacturer warranty items, we can fulfill your needs. However, our goal is to offer products that provide the utmost in value. Therefore if you are open-minded to alternative warranty levels we can often substantially reduce your capital investment. Note that every item has, at least, a functionality warranty, no matter what the condition. So you know your investment is protected. We offer the following warranty levels:

Full Manufacturer Warranty
The product has the full manufacturer warranty. If the item is new, then you will be covered for the full term of the warranty. If the item is not new, then the warranty period depends on the manufacture date of the item.

60 Days (No Manufacturer's Warranty / OEM product)
The product has no manufacturer warranty. We offer our standard hardware functionality warranty by default. You can buy an extended warranty from us for some items (see item options). (Explanation of what O.E.M. means).

<time period> - Manufacturer
The product has a manufacturer warranty for the time period specified.

<time period> - Reseller
The product has a DiscounTechnology warranty for the time period specified.

N.B. Condition levels vary independently from warranty levels (condition levels)