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Western Digital S25 WD3000BKFG SAS Enterprise Hard Drive

Item Number: WDC-WD3000BKFG-BN-5Y
Manufacturer's Part Number: WD3000BKFG
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Western Digital S25 WD3000BKFG 300GB 10K 2.5" SFF SAS 6Gb/s Enterprise Hard Drive - Brand New

WD3000BKFG SCSI Hard Drive Photo

WD3000BKFG SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD3000BKFG SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD3000BKFG SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD3000BKFG SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $118.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer - What does this mean?

Capacity: 300GB
Spindle Speed: 10,000RPM
Interface Type: SAS Serial Attached SCSI
Disk Size: 2.5inx15mm SFF Server Drive
Sustained Throughput (MBps): 128
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 3.6 / 4.2
Electrical Interface Speed: SAS-2 Serial Attached SCSI v2 - 6.0Gbps
On-Board Cache: 16MB

Brand New - What does this mean?
5 Year Manufacturer - What does this mean?

The 2.5-inch WD S25 SAS drives offer the powerful combination of enterprise-class performance and reduced power consumption required for demanding high-performance computing and mission-critical environments.

The WD S25 SAS hard drives provide up to 300 GB of high performance storage suitable for both enterprise server and enterprise storage applications. The supersonic 6 Gb/s SAS interface enables optimum data reliability, availability and scalability. The small form-factor, 70 percent smaller than 3.5-inch drives, allows more system airflow resulting in lower cooling costs.

In an environment where space and power are limited, the WD S25 drives are an effective solution for high performance computing solutions such as power-constrained data centers, database transaction processing, and rack, tower, and blade servers.

Key Features

  • Ultra fast - 6 Gb/s transfer rates and SAS 2.0 feature set delivering sustained sequential data rates of 128 MB/sec and high random IO rates.
  • Low power consumption - Requires less than 8W to operate.
  • Dual port, full duplex connectivity for the mission-critical Enterprise topologies.
  • Industry's highest reliability rating at 1.6 million hours MTTF (MTBF).
  • Planet friendly with RoHS compliant halogen reduced components.


This drive is compatible with any of our 2.5" SAS drive trays and any of our SAS controllers.


Physical Specifications

Capacity 300 GB 147 GB
Interface SAS 6 Gb/s (WD3000BKFG)
SAS 3 Gb/s (WD3000BKFF)
SAS 6 Gb/s (WD1460BKFG)
SAS 3 Gb/s (WD1460BKFF)
Form Factor 2.5-inch Drive 2.5-inch Drive
User Sectors Per Drive 586,072,368 287,186,256
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

Performance Specifications

Rotational Speed 10,000 RPM (nominal)
Buffer Size 16 MB
Average Latency 3.00 ms (nominal)
Read Seek Time 3.6 ms (average)
Write Seek Time 4.2 ms (average)
Track-To-Track Seek Time 0.7 ms (average)
Transfer Rate (Buffer To Disk) 128 MB/s (Sustained)

Physical Dimensions

Height 0.59 Inches (15 mm)
Length 3.94 Inches (100 mm)
Width 2.75 inches (69.85 mm)
Weight 0.48 Pounds (219 gm)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Shock (Read) 65G, 2 ms
Non-operating Shock 300G, 2 ms
Idle Mode 27 dBA (average)
Seek Mode 0 34 dBA (average)
Operating 41° F to 131° F (5° C to 55° C)
Non-operating -40° F to 158° F (-40° C to 70° C)
Operating 5-95% RH non-condensing
Non-operating 5-95% RH non-condensing
Vibration (Operating)
Linear 20-300 Hz, .75G (0 to peak)
Random 0.004 g²/Hz (10 to 300 Hz)
Vibration (Non-operating)
Low Frequency 0.05 g²/Hz (10 to 300 Hz)
High Frequency 20-500 Hz, 4.0G (0 to peak)

Electrical Specifications

Current Requirements 12 VDC
Read/Write 300 mA
Idle 140 mA
Current Requirements 5 VDC
Read/Write 750 mA
Idle 700 mA
Power Dissipation
Read/Write 7.35 Watts
Idle 5.18 Watt

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