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Western Digital Black Solid State Hybrid 1TB / 1000GB Hard Drive WD10S12X

Item Number: WDC-WD10S12X-BN-OE
Manufacturer's Part Number: WD10S12X
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Western Digital Black Solid State Hybrid 1TB / 1000GB + 16GB NAND SSD HDD 2.5" SATA Hard Drive WD10S12X  - Brand New

WD10S12X SCSI Hard Drive Photo

WD10S12X SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD10S12X SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD10S12X SCSI Hard Drive Photo WD10S12X SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $129.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Capacity: 1TB
Spindle Speed: 5,400RPM
Interface Type: SATA
Disk Size: 2.5inx7mm Fits All laptops
Sustained Throughput (MBps):
Average Seek Time (read/write ms):
Electrical Interface Speed: SATA 600 - 6.0Gbps
On-Board Cache: 16MB / 16GB SSD

Brand New - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

WD Black Solid State Hybrid Drives

WD has redefined the PC with the next big thing in ultra-fast performance storage. Introducing WD Black Solid State Hybrid hard drive. The WD Black Solid State drive is a completely new approach in a compromised solid-state and hybrid storage market. Finally you can have the speed of an SSD that you want and the capacity of a hard drive that you need in your notebook or all-in-one PC.

Inspired by you

Your requests to make the notebook and all-in-one PC experience better, faster and more dynamic have been heard. We took the challenge and made it our mission to design a storage solution that delivers the ultimate experience. The WD Black Solid State Hybrid drive solves your storage limitations and adds true high-performance SSD speed to your PC. The WD Black Solid State Hybrid hard drive is the drive you were waiting for, inspired by and created specifically for enthusiasts like you.

Professional performance

WD Black Solid State Hybrid is built by fusing two world-class storage devices together into one dual drive to create the ultimate experience for notebooks and all-in-one PCs. Boot up faster to your operating system with the speed of SSD at your fingertips. WD Black Solid State Hybrid features innovative 16GB NAND flash with remarkable power efficiency that is poised to redefine what is possible in the storage industry.

Ideal for:

Upgrades of notebooks and all-in-one computers by advanced users and system integrators. Users of video and photo editing, graphic design, games and other power computing applications will benefit the most.

Recommended use:

WD Black Solid State Hybrid drives are tested and recommended for use in notebooks, all-in-one PCs, thin client PCs, gaming PCs and other small form factor PC systems.*


This drive is compatible with any computer or laptop that can accept 2.5" SATA drives.

Product Specifications
Interface SATA 6 Gb/s
Performance Specifications
Transfer Rates
Buffer To Host (Serial ATA) 6 Gb/s (Max)
Physical Specifications
Capacity 1TB HDD + 16GB SSD
Form Factor 2.5 Inch Slim
Physical Dimensions
Height 7 mm
Depth 100.3 mm
Width 69.85 mm

Click here to view the manufacturers item description/brochure

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