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StarTech SCSI Mobile Dock Tray

Manufacturer's Part Number: DRW150SCSIBK
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StarTech DRW150SCSIBK SCSI Mobile Dock Tray for 3.5" 68pin SCSI Hard Drives - Brand New

DRW150SCSIBK SCSI Hard Drive Photo

DRW150SCSIBK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoDRW150SCSIBK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoDRW150SCSIBK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoDRW150SCSIBK SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $99.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty - What does this mean?
Brand New - What does this mean?
Full Manufacturer Warranty - What does this mean?

The StarTech.com DRW150SCSIBK lets you quickly add and remove your Ultra 320/160 SCSI hard drives without having to power down your computer. Perfect for using multiple operating systems, making high-speed, high-capacity backups or for mission-critical PCs or servers, this two-piece removable storage unit consists of an outer bay that mounts into a 5.25" bay on your PC, and a removable drive caddy that holds your 68-pin SCSI drives. To protect your important data, the DRW150SCSIBK features a locking mechanism to prevent the drive from being accidentally removed while in use and a built-in alarm that alerts you if your drive temperature gets too high. An affordable solution for data storage and transportation between PCs, the DRW150SCSIBK's compact, light-weight aluminum construction makes the drive drawer easy to transport while helping to dissipate heat away from the drive. The dual ball-bearing fans keep air flowing through the case, helping to keep your drive temperatures at optimum levels.

Dell p/n: A1261013


This docking tray is compatible will all 68pin low profile drives.

Device Type Storage mobile rack
Product Material Aluminum
Width 5.8 in
Depth 8.8 in
Height 1.6 in
Weight 2.2 lbs
Color Black
Expansion Bays 1x internal - 3.5" x 1/3H

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