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Samsung Spinpoint F3R HE103SJ 1TB SATA Hard Drive

Item Number: SAM-HE103SJ-RF-OE-DEL
Manufacturer's Part Number: HE103SJ
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Samsung Spinpoint F3R HE103SJ 1TB 7.2K 3.5 SATA Hard Drive - Refurbished OEM

HE103SJ SCSI Hard Drive Photo

HE103SJ SCSI Hard Drive Photo HE103SJ SCSI Hard Drive Photo HE103SJ SCSI Hard Drive Photo HE103SJ SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $69.00
Condition: Refurbished - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Capacity: 1TB
Spindle Speed: 7,200RPM
Interface Type: SATA
Disk Size: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive
Sustained Throughput (MBps):
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 8.9
Electrical Interface Speed: SATA 300 - 3.0Gbps
On-Board Cache: 32MB

Refurbished - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

• MAX.500GB Formatted Capacity Per Disk

• Environment friendly product with RoHS compliance

• Serial ATA 3.0Gbps Interface Support

• Improved performance with dual-ARM based firmware

• Improved recording stability over temperature with PMR

• ATA S.M.A.R.T. Compliant

• Advanced dynamic FOD control for best data integrity

• ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature

• Intelligent compensation of external disturbance

• ATA 48-bit Address Feature

• SATA Native Command Queuing Feature

• ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature

• Device Initiated SATA Power Management

• NoiseGuard™

• Rotational vibration sensor(Optional)

• SilentSeek™/P>


Alternate PNs:G7X69 0G7X69


This drive is compatible with any computrer that accepts 3.5"SATA hard drives.

Model number HE103SJ
Model Name Spinpoint F3R 
Formatted Capacity 1 TB
Rotational Speed 7,200 rpm
Default Buffer (cache) Size 32 Mbytes
External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 3.0 Gbps
Average Seek Time 8.9 msec typical
Height 26.1 mm
Width 101.5 mm
Length 147.0 mm
Weight 470 g
Power (Typical) 6.9 watts
Power (Idle) 6.4 watts
Startup Current (3.3 VDC) 2.2 amps
Max Operating Shock (2-msec) 70 Gs
Max Nonoperating Shock (2-msec) 350 Gs
Operating Temperature (max) 60 deg C
Operating Temperature (min) 0 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (max) 70 deg C
Nonoperating Temperature (min) -40 deg C
Acoustics, Idle (sound power, typ) 2.7 Bels
Nonrecoverable Read Errors 1 per 10^15 bits read
Supports S.M.A.R.T. Yes

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