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QLOGIC QLE2462-CK Dual Port Gigabit Fiber Fibre Channel Adapter

Item Number: QLG-QLE2462-CK-NP-2M
Manufacturer's Part Number: QLE2462-CK
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Qlogic QLE2462-CK Gigabit Dual Port Optical Fiber Channe PCI Express Host Bus Adapter - New Pull

QLE2462-CK SCSI Hard Drive Photo

QLE2462-CK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoQLE2462-CK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoQLE2462-CK SCSI Hard Drive PhotoQLE2462-CK SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $695.00
Condition: New Pull - What does this mean?
Warranty: 2 Month DiscTech - What does this mean?
New Pull - What does this mean?
2 Month DiscTech - What does this mean?

The QLE2462 is the industry’s first, true enterprise class, 4-Gbps to PCI Express x4 HBA. The QLE2462 not only delivers unprecedented levels of performance and availability, but also intelligent networking features specific to enterprise class data centers.

Enterprise Class Features.
The QLE2462 HBA is the highest performing and most reliable HBA in the industry. It delivers unmatched performance by leveraging a single ASIC design, combining a unique hardware architecture to deliver over 300,000 IOPS, nearly 1.6 GBps throughput, and support for PCI Express x4 bus speeds. More importantly, the QLE2462 HBA provides new intelligent storage networking features that redefine the enterprise class HBA, providing increased data protection, advanced frame routing, and enterprise wide management capabilities.

Simplified Setup.
Point-and-click installation and configuration wizards simplify the HBA setup process. Storage administrators can quickly deploy HBAs across a SAN using standard HBA management tools and device utilities. The QLE2462 is fully compatible with SNIA HBA API and SMI-S, thereby allowing administrators to manage QLogic HBAs using third-party software applications.

Comprehensive Operating System (OS) Support.
QLogic offers the broadest range of support for all major operating systems to ensure OS and hardware server compatibility. Drivers are fully tested and available for all major operating systems and hardware server platforms. A single driver strategy per OS allows storage administrators to easily deploy and manage HBAs in heterogeneous SAN configurations.

Guaranteed Interoperability.
Storage partner certifications, combined with agency and regulatory testing, ensures all products meet world compliance hardware and software specifications. All HBAs are tested extensively with third-party hardware, along with multiple software applications, to ensure best-in-class SAN interoperability and compatibility. You can be confident purchasing QLogic HBAs to meet your FC storage networking needs.

Investment Protection.
For over 15 years, QLogic has been a technological leader with products that address the current needs of customers, yet provide strong investment protection to support emerging technologies and standards. QLogic stands alone in the industry with its product portfolio depth and experience in successfully delivering technological solutions that address the needs of today and tomorrow.


This card will work with servers and high end workstations with an available PCI-Express x4 slot.

Supported Operating Systems*
Windows® Server™ 2003; Windows 2000; Windows XP Pro; Solaris 10; Linux Red Hat AS 3.0, 4.0; Linux SuSE SLES 8, 9; Novell NetWare 6.5; Mac OS X

High Performance
300,000 IOPS delivers high I/O transfer rates for storage applications

Intelligent interleaved DMA (iiDMA) ensures maximum utilization of data links
Out-of-Order Frame Reassembly (OoOFR) reduces congestion and retransmissions.

Multi-ID and N_Port virtualization ready. Allows physical ports to be part of multiple logical networks
Cisco VSAN ready. Allows physical ports to be part of multiple logical networks.

Overlapping protection domains for continuous protection of internal data paths.

Comprehensive Operating System (OS) driver support including Windows®, Linux™, Solaris™, NetWare®, and Mac OS®
Universal boot support manages multiple hardware platforms and boot options.

T10 Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) ensures end-to-end data integrity across Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Three LEDs per port display real-time status and link activity information

PCI Express x4 (revision 1a)

Dual 4-Gbps FC

150,000 IOPS per port

Point-to-point (N_Port), arbitrated loop (NL_Port), and switched fabric (N_Port)

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