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We do not sell everything! We are not trying to compete with CDW or Insight. They offer all types of products, good and bad. That's not our goal. Let us explain....

We focus on enterprise-class hardware and best-of-breed products. We have already filtered out inferior products, that way you can feel comfortable in anything you buy from us. Think of us as a combination of a consumer guide mixed with a discount warehouse. We look at the variety brands, models (newer and older) and of the condition levels available, we then stock the items we think are the best balance between features and price. We don't always have the cheapest products, but we always have the best value!

We offer products in a variety of condition levels and warranties. These variables are well documented on each item page. There are links to explain what the various terms mean. If you wish to buy brand new products with fulll warranties you can! However, if you are open minded to factory recertified, used or open box items you can find some even more amazing deals in our catalog. If we don't think they're good enough or reliable enough for our systems we don't sell them. For example, with factory recertified SATA hard drives, we ONLY offer such items where the original manufacturer performed the recertification. We don't think third party repairers provide products that are reliable enough. We'll never compromise our integrity. Again, if it's not good enough for us, then it's not good enough for you.

Our specialities are enterprise storage components and systems (e.g. SAS & SSD hard drives, SATA SAS RAID controllers, Storage arrays, SAN, DAS, NAS), network routers, switches and load balancers, network security firewalls and VPN concentrators, mini PCI wireless and refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers and Latitude laptops.

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Computer storage devices. Hard disk drives, Storage arrays, controllers, trays, SAN, NAS, DAS.
Cables & Adapters
Cables and adapters for use with many of our products.
Computer networking equipment for home or office use.
Computers, servers, laptops/notebooks, Memory / RAM.
Audio & Video
Audio/video equipment for home and professional use.
LCD and CRT Monitors / Displays / Screens
Gadgets & Executive Toys

Gadgets and Executive Desk Toys to help pass the time on those long conference calls.

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