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Servers & Accessories & Upgrades

Computer servers for business or industrial usage. Typically these systems have redundant components, extra upgrade capacity, high performance characteristics, hot-swappable components (such as SCSI hard drives and power supplies) and optional rack mountability. For example: Dell PowerEdge Servers HP Proliant Servers Compaq Proliant Servers IBM Netfinity Servers IBM eServer xSeries Servers

IBM Server / Array Rail Kits

IBM server and array sliding & static rail kits for BladeCenter, System x, Total Storage xSeries and Netfinity systems.

HP Compaq Proliant Rail Kits

HP Compaq Proliant server and storage array rail kits

Dell PowerEdge & PowerVault Rail Kits

Dell PowerEdge & PowerVault server rack mount rapid versa static and ready rail kits.

Dell 330-5782 Rack Shelf PowerEdge Rack

Dell (Original) 330-5782 Rack Shelf for PowerEdge Rack - Brand New

$109.00 - Brand New
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Dell 330-4533 iDRAC 6 Remote Access Controller

Dell 330-4533 / K869T / M070R iDRAC 6 Enterprise Remote Access Controller - New Pull

Compatible with PowerEdge R610 R710 R715 R810 R815 R910 Series Servers and NX200 NX300 NX3000 NX3100 PowerVaults

Also compatible with the following servers only if you have the iDRAC6 express installed: R210 R310 T310 R410 T410 R415 R510 R515

$189.00 - New Pull
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Dell 330-4531 / FU436 Ready Rails Kit for PowerEdge T610 /T710

Dell 330-4531 / FU436 / GW588 Ready Rails Kit for PowerEdge T610 / T710 - 3U Ready Rails Kit- Brand New

$250.00 - Brand New
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Dell 330-4531 / FU436 Ready Rails Kit for PowerEdge Servers T610 /T710

Dell FU436 / 330-4531 PowerEdge T610 /T710 - 3U Sliding Ready Rails Kit - Refurbished

$200.00 - Refurbished
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Dell 330-4528 / M986J Ready Rails for PowerEdge R710

Dell 330-4528 / M986J / U020D ReadyRails Sliding Rail Kit for 2U systems including PowerEdge R710 & PowerVault NX3000 - Used Pull
$69.00 - Used Pull
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