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SCSI Hard Drives

These are high performance storage drives ideally suited to applications where real time performance is critical:
Audio recording, video editing, web servers, media streaming servers, gaming systems. If you want speedy drives, these are for you!

Suitable for any system with a SCSI controller including (but not limited to):
IBM Compatible servers
Apple Mac
Dell PowerEdge Servers
HP Proliant Servers
Compaq Proliant Servers
IBM Netfinity Servers
IBM eServer xSeries Servers

Example models are: MAW3300NC 8D147L0 ST336753LC 0950-4465 40K1023 ST318453LC 286778-B22

What's the difference between an 80-pin SCA-2 and a 68-pin interface? ....and which one do I need?

SCSI Hard Drives 68-Pin

68-Pin SCSI hard drives are for usage in any standard desktop computer or server that does NOT use hot swappable drives. This is MOST COMMON form of SCSI, and appropriate for the vast majority of office desktops and home users.

SCSI Hard Drives 80-Pin (Hot Swappable)
80-Pin SCA-2 SCSI hard drives / Discs / Disks (Hot Swap) for servers with hot-pluggable back-planes.
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This category contains all our SCSI hard drives grouped by manufacturer.
External SCSI Hard Drives
External SCSI Hard Drives. Both U320 LVD SCSI 68pin / HD68 & SCSI II 50pin / HD50 / Centronics 50 interface connectors.
SCSI Hard Drives 50-Pin

50-Pin Legacy SCSI hard drives are for usage in any standard desktop computer or server that has a SCSI controller with a 50pin connector.

Hitachi 07N9418 146GB SCSI Hard Drive

Hitachi Ultrastar 07N9418 / IC35L146UCDY10-0 146GB 10K RPM Ultra-320 80-pin SCSI Hot Swap Hard Drive - Refurbished

$55.00 - Refurbished
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