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Hitachi / IBM SCSI Hard Drives

Hitachi / IBM SCSI Hard Drives - Grouped by brand.

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IBM 40K1025 SCSI Hard Drive

IBM 40K1025 / 90P1307 300B 10K U320 80pin SCA SCSI Hard Drive - Brand New

$245.00 - Brand New
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Hitachi 17R6393 73GB SCSI Hard Drive

Hitachi 17R6393 / HUS103073FL3600 73GB 3.5in 10K RPM U320 68 Pin Enterprise Ultrastar 10K300 SCSI HDD- Brand New

$245.00 - Brand New
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IBM 3rd Party Compatible 40K1028 SCSI Hard Drive Kit

IBM 3rd Party Compatible 40K1028 146.8 GB Internal 15000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive Kit - Brand New

This kit contains one 146GB 15K U320 80pin SCSI Hard Drive and one IBM 59P5224 tray and is fully compatible with xServer eSeries & Netfinity Servers including 206, 225, 226, 235, 236, 335, 336, 345, 346, 365, 385, 400, 455, x206, x225, x226, x235, x236, x326, x335, x336, x345, x346, x365, x385, x400, x455.

$249.95 - Brand New
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