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146GB / 147GB 68-Pin SCSI Hard Drives

All models of 146 GB 147 GB 68-Pin / 68pin SCSI Hard Drives, including 10K and 15K RPM models. Seagate Cheetah 10K.6, 10K.7, 15K.3, 15K.4 , Maxtor Atlas 10K, Atlas 15K, Fujitsu MAP, MAT, MAU. SCSI Hard Drives

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Fujitsu MBA3147NP SCSI Hard Disk Drives

Fujitsu MBA MBA3147NP 147GB 15K U320 68pin SCSI Hard Drive RoHS Compliant - Refurbished

$269.00 - Refurbished
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Fujitsu MAW SCSI Hard Drives MAW3147NP

Fujitsu MAW 147GB 10K U320 68pin SCSI Hard Drive MAW3147NP - Brand New

$249.00 - Brand New
More Details >>>
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