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Hitachi TravelStar 5K250 0A54893 / HTS542512K9SA00 120GB SATA Laptop Hard Drive

Item Number: HIT-0A54893-RF-OE-DEL
Manufacturer's Part Number: 0A54893
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Hitachi TravelStar 5K250 0A54893 / HTS542512K9SA00 120GB 5.4K 2.5" SATA Laptop Hard Drive - Refurbished OEM

0A54893 SCSI Hard Drive Photo

0A54893 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 0A54893 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 0A54893 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 0A54893 SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $63.00
Condition: Refurbished - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Capacity: 120GB
Spindle Speed: 5,400RPM
Interface Type: SATA
Disk Size: 2.5inx9mm Fits Most laptops
Sustained Throughput (MBps):
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 12
Electrical Interface Speed: SATA 150 - 1.50Gbps
On-Board Cache: 8MB

Refurbished - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

New technology exceeds expectations

Travelstar™ 5K160, Hitachi’s first hard drive to use perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR), delivers superior technology and reliability. With capacities up to 160 GB, industry-leading performance, low-power consumption and excellent shock resistance, Travelstar 5K160 has the key attributes to support the stringent demands of portable computing. Improved electronics design further reduces the power consumption of this 5400 RPM drive, which beats its industry-leading predecessor by 10%; the 5K160 also runs cooler than the competition. Hitachi has also implemented Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) for improved error rates, and iridium-manganese-chromium (IrMnCr) read heads for improved reliability. Hitachi has done extensive testing to verify Travelstar 5K160‘s best-in-class standing, making it the “Super-pendicular Drive.”

Reliability leadership

With the transition to new PMR technology, Travelstar 5K160 demonstrates reliability that parallels or exceeds 50-year old conventional longitudinal technology. Hitachi has integrated second-generation PMR head and media technology, along with a new read channel and IrMnCr read heads. This successful transition required new materials, complex processes, tools and testing. Hitachi leveraged the depth and breadth of its internal resources to deliver the most reliable PMR mobile product in the industry.

Dell Part Number: GP536 0GP536 HTS542512K9SA00


This drive is compatible with any computrer that accepts 2.5" SATA hard drives.

Model(s) HTS541616J9AT00
Interface  ATA-6 Serial ATA 1.5 Gb/s
Capacity (GB) 160 / 120 / 80 / 60 / 40
Sector size (variable, Bytes/sector) 512
Recording zones 24
Data heads (physical) 4 / 4 / 2 / 2 / 1
Data Disks 2 / 2 / 1 / 1 / 1
Max. areal density (Gbits/sq. in.) 131.5
Data buffer (MB) 8
Rotational speed (RPM) 5400
Latency average (ms) 5.5
Media transfer rate (Mbits/sec, max) 540
Interface transfer rate (MB/sec, max) 100 Ultra DMA mode-5
16.6 PIO mode-4
Seek time (read, typical) (avg. ms) 11
Load/unload 600000
Requirement +5 VDC (+/-5%)  
Startup (W, peak, max.) 5  
Read / Write (W, avg.) 1.8  
Active idle (W, avg.) 0.8 0.85
Low power idle (W, avg.) 0.6 0.65
Standby (W, avg.) 0.2 0.25
Sleep (W) 0.1 0.2
Physical size
z-height (mm) 9.5
Dimensions (width x depth, mm) 70 x 100
Weight (g, typ.) 102 / 102 / 95 / 95 / 95
Environmental (operating)
Ambient temperature 5 to 55 C
Shock (half-sine wave) 325 G (2ms), 160 G (1ms)
Environmental (non-operating)
Ambient temperature -40 to 65 C
Shock (half-sine wave) 1000 G (1ms)
Acoustics (A-weighted sound power)
Idle (Bels, typ.) 2.5 / 2.5 / 2.2 / 2.2 / 2.2
Op (Bels, typ.) 2.7 / 2.7 / 2.4 / 2.4 / 2.4

Click here to view the manufacturers item description/brochure

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