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Hitachi 08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive

Item Number: HIT-08K0372-BN-OE
Manufacturer's Part Number: 08K0372
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Hitachi Ultrastar 08K0372 / IC35L073UCDY10 146Z10 73GB 10K U320 80pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive - Brand New

08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive Photo

08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive Photo 08K0372 SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $119.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Capacity: 73GB
Spindle Speed: 10,000RPM
Interface Type: SCSI 80pin SCA-2 Hot-Swap
Disk Size: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive
Sustained Throughput (MBps): 33.8 - 66.7
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 4.7ms
Electrical Interface Speed: SCSI LVD U320 - 320MBps 16-bit
On-Board Cache: 8MB

Brand New - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Ready to excel in the most demanding server-class environments


  • Rotational speed of 10,000 rpm and average seek times as low as 4.7 ms provide outstanding performance
  • Capacities of 146, 73, 36, and 18GB from a single server drive family for unrivaled configuration flexibility and ease of integration
  • First ever server-class drive to implement antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media, combined with advanced head/disk design, resulting in high reliability for today�fs critical server-class environments
  • Enhanced servo technology (Rotational Vibration Safeguard) nullifies the effect of rotational vibration in multi-drive cabinets, overcoming an industry hurdle to optimal server performance

Advanced drive technology

Introducing the sixth generation of Ultrastar 10,000 rpm disk drives. The Hitachi Ultrastar 146 Z10 drive family offers high quality and superior performance. These drives feature more powerful processors and read/write channels to excel in server-class environments.

To achieve maximum I/O performance, the drives combine fast seek times, large 8 MB multi-segmented buffers, a sophisticated command queuing algorithm, hardware automation, and superior data rates (825 Mbps). Ultrastar 146 Z10 drives include new servo technology (Rotational Vibration Safeguard "RVS"), employed to counteract the effects of rotational vibration that commonly occur in multi-drive cabinets. They also employ fifth-generation giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head technology to double areal density from previous generation drives (26.3 Gbits/sq. in.) and boost performance. In addition, highly efficient No-ID* sector formatting enables more data to be stored per disk.

Reliability features

The Ultrastar 146 Z10 family of server-class drives is the first of its class to incorporate our storage breakthrough technology antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media. Informally known as �gpixie dust�h, this technology sandwiches a three-atom thick layer of ruthenium, a precious metal, between two magnetic layers on a disk. AFC technology provides greater stability of the recording media, enhancing reliability.

Drive Fitness Test enables drive self-testing and analysis for more robust system management. To help ensure data protection, Hitachi Ultrastar drives include exclusive reporting tools, such as Predictive Failure Analysis* (to signal potential drive problems) and Drive-TIP* (to monitor the drive temperature and avoid malfunctions).

In addition, load/unload technology and glass substrate disks increase reliability of Ultrastar drives by providing a more robust solution at high rotational speeds.

Outstanding environmentals

Hitachi Ultrastar drives provide extremely quiet operation. The tri-laminate drive cover reduces both idle and seek acoustics while an enhanced spindle motor driver enables smoother commutation for less noise. Moreover, the Ultrastar 146Z10 delivers an outstanding power efficient design.

Support for advanced applications and interfaces

Hitachi Ultrastar drives provide high data throughput for data-intensive applications with a choice of 2 Gbit Fibre Channel and Ultra320 SCSI (backward-compatible) interfaces. The Ultra320 SCSI adds greater speed, reduced overhead, improved diagnostic capabilities and data protection.

Hitachi Model Series: IC35L073UCDY10


This drive is comaptible with any of our hotswap drive trays / caddies.

Interface Ultra320 / Ultra160 SCSI FC-AL-2
Capacity (GB)1 146.8/73.4/36.7/18.3 146.8/73.4/36.7/18.3
Sector size (bytes) 512-528 (variable, 2 byte inc.) 512-528 (8 byte inc)
Recording zones 15 15
Data heads (physical) 12/6/3/2 12/6/3/2
Data disks 6/3/2/1 6/3/2/1
Max. areal density (Mbits/sq. inch) 26,263 3126,263
Max. recording density (BPI) 548,000 548,000
Track density (TPI) 47,900 47,900
Data Buffer 8192 KB 8192 KB
Rotational speed (rpm) 10,000 10,000
Latency average (ms) 3.00 3.00
Data transfer rate (max. Mbits/sec) 433 - 825 433 - 825
Interface transfer rate (max. MB/sec) 320 200/400
Sustained data rate (MB/sec) 33.8 - 66.7 33.8 - 66.7
Seek time (read, typical)2    
Average (ms) 4.7 4.7
Track to track (ms) 0.5 0.5
Full track (ms) 7.2/8.0 7.2/8.0
Error rate (non-recoverable) 10 in 10E16 bits read 10 in 10E16 bits read
Start/stops (at 40° C) 50K 50K
Idle - Typical (Bels) 3.7/3.4/3.4/3.4 3.7/3.4/3.4/3.4
Operating - Typical (Bels) 4.5/4.5/4.5/4.5 4.5/4.5/4.5/4.5
Requirement +5VDC (+-5%), +12 VDC (+-5%) +5VDC (+-5%), +12 VDC (+-5%)
Startup current (max. peak) 1.07A (5V), 2.40A (12V) 1.12A (5V), 2.40A (12V)
Idle (W) 10.2/7.7/7.0/5.9 11.1/8.6/7.9/6.8
Power consumption efficiency index 0.07 W/GB , 0.11 W/GB 0.08 W/GB , 0.12 W/GB
0.19 W/GB , 0.33 W/GB 0.22 W/GB , 0.38 W/GB
Height (mm) 25.4 (+-0.4) 25.425.4 (+-0.4)
Width (mm) 101.6 (+-0.4) 101.6 (+-0.4)
Depth (mm) 146 (+-0.6) 146 (+-0.6)
Weight (max. kg) 0.78 0.78
Environmental characteristics    
Ambient temperature 5° to 55° C  
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 8% to 90%  
Max. wet bulb (non-condensing) 29.4° C  
Shock (half sine wave) 10G (11 ms) / 45G (2 ms)  
Random Vibration (RMS) 0.67G for horizontal  
0.56G for vertical  
Ambient temperature -40° to 65° C  
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 5% to 95%  
Max. wet bulb (non-condensing 35° C  
Shock (half sine wave) 75G (11 ms) / 225G (2 ms) for 146GB / 300G (2 ms) for 73, 36, and 18GB
Random Vibration (RMS) 1.04G  

1 GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.

2 Excludes command overhead.

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