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Fujitsu MAP SCSI Hard Drive MAP3367NP

Item Number: FUJ-MAP3367NP-BN-OE
Manufacturer's Part Number: MAP3367NP
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Fujitsu MAP 36GB 10K U320 68pin SCSI Hard Drive MAP3367NP - Brand New OEM

MAP3367NP SCSI Hard Drive Photo

MAP3367NP SCSI Hard Drive Photo MAP3367NP SCSI Hard Drive Photo MAP3367NP SCSI Hard Drive Photo MAP3367NP SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $199.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Capacity: 36GB
Spindle Speed: 10,000RPM
Interface Type: SCSI 68pin HD68 Female
Disk Size: 3.5inx1.0in LFF Hard Drive
Sustained Throughput (MBps): 105
Average Seek Time (read/write ms): 4.5 / 5.0
Electrical Interface Speed: SCSI LVD U320 - 320MBps 16-bit
On-Board Cache: 8MB

Brand New - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

Fujitsu’s new 10,000rpm MAP3xxx series includes models with optimum capacities of 36.7GB, 73.5GB and 147GB. The series is thus ideal for all mainstream SCSI applications, such as enterprise servers, PC servers, workstations, and RAID subsystems, where data integrity and reliability are essential.

These new drives offer new performance standards with a maximum internal transfer rate of 107.8MB/s and a fast average seek time of 4.5ms. The series are equipped with an 8MB, multi-segmented data buffer combined with a 32-bit-wide internal data path for faster data access. In addition, the series support Ultra320 SCSI (320MB/s) interface, which boasts new performance and reliability enhancing features, such as data packet protocol, quick arbitration and selection, and signal pre-compensation. The new series also support 2Gb FC-AL2 interface.

Concerning reliability, the new series features the industry’s highest MTBF rating 1,200,000 hours. It also incorporates many reliability enhanced features, such as alloy top cover for lower acoustics and an improved SMART detection system.




Formatted capacity/device(*1)
147.01 GB
73.50 GB
36.74 GB
Number of disks
Nubmer of heads
Number of cylinders(*2)
Formatted capcity/track (B)
272,896 to 479,232
Number of rotations min (rpm)
10,025 +_ 0.2%
Average latency time
2.99 msec
Seek Time (*3) (Read/Write)

Track to Track


Full stroke

0.3 ms/0.5 ms

4.5 ms/5.0 ms

10.0 ms/11.0 ms

Start/stop time (*4)

Start time

Stop time

30 s typ. (60 s max.)
30 s typ.
Recording mode
External dimensions




25.4 mm


146.0 mm

Weight (max)
0.75 kg
Power consumption
9.6 W
Data transfer rate (*10)
Disk drive
64.1 to 107.86 MBs
320 MB/s max.
Logical data block length (*11)
512 to 528 byte (Fixed length)
SCSI command specifications
SPI-4 (T10/1365D Rev.7), SAM-2(T10/1157D Rev .20),
SPC-2 (T10/1236D Rev. 20), SBC (T10/996D Rev. 8c
Data buffer
8 MB FIFO ring buffer
Acostic noise (Ready)
3.4 bels

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