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"Do Not Track" and Shopping Cart Errors

Are you stuck on the view cart page and unable to proceed to checkout?

This is caused by some of the more aggressive “Do Not Track” software firewalls and browser add-ons. Many of these “Do Not Track” applications allow you to manually opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics. The problem is that Google Analytics is tied together with many providers shopping cart tracking systems. By blocking Google Analytics, you’re also blocking our website’s ability to push your items through the checkout process.

An example of one such “Do Not Track” application is AVG Internet Security. This software will install a browser toolbar that allows you to see and block all tracking on a particular page. To continue through our shopping experience, you will need to un-block Google through the toolbar. Simply disabling the add-on or the firewall will not do the trick.

If you continue to have issues or cannot locate the toolbar, please feel free to give us a call.