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Dell PowerVault K0244 R0079 R0093 WG166 132T LTO Library Chassis

Item Number: DEL-PV132T-BN-OE
Manufacturer's Part Number: K0244
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Dell PowerVault 132T LTO Library Chassis - No Drives WG166 / 3Y761 / 0K0244 / 0WG166 / 03Y761 / R0079 / R0093 / 03Y761 / 0R0079 / 0R0093 - Brand New

K0244 SCSI Hard Drive Photo

K0244 SCSI Hard Drive PhotoK0244 SCSI Hard Drive PhotoK0244 SCSI Hard Drive PhotoK0244 SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $1,875.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?
Brand New - What does this mean?
1 Year DiscTech - What does this mean?

The PowerVault 132T tape library offers many advanced features designed to simplify manageability, ensure ease of use and boost library availability. The multi-function operator panel provides an easy to read display and five-button keypad for monitoring and controlling the operations of the library. Removable cartridge magazines allow for easy insertion and removal of tape cartridges. The barcode scanner, standard with every PowerVault 132T, reads barcode labels and presents label IDs to the LCD and the host without losing storage capacity. The magazine and rear storage slots employ a design that prevents the cartridges from being inserted incorrectly, helping to maximize library uptime. Available as a direct attached, Ultra-2 SCSI backup device, the PV132T also allows for a 2 Gb/s fibre channel router to be installed for SAN backup needs. Adic Sled PN: 8-00032-02 Dell PN for drive sled: C0061

Dell P/N: WG166 3Y761 0K0244 0WG166 03Y761 R0079 R0093 03Y761 0R0079 0R0093



Storage Slot Count

Rear Tape Slots
Magazine Slots
Magazines per Library
Import/Export Slot (configured as a data slot)
Total Tape Slots

Library Storage Capacity

Tape Capacity
Library Capacity
100 GB
2.4 TB
SDLT-320 160 GB 3.36 TB
LTO-2 200 GB 4.8 TB
LTO-3 400 GB 9.6 TB

Library Data Transfer Rates

Drive Transfer Rate
1 Drive
2 Drives
IBM LTO Ultrium 1
15 MB/s
54 GB/hr
108 GB/hr
Quantum SDLT-320 16 MB/s 57.6 GB/hr 115.2 GB/hr
IBM LTO Ultrium 2 35 MB/s 126 GB/hr 252 GB/hr
IBM LTO Ultrium 3 80 MB/s 288 GB/hr 576 GB/hr

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Listed are a few accessories and add-ons for the PV132T:

Quantum Ultrium LTO 3 Tapes / Cartridges

Brand New - $39.00

Dell 3U014 LTO Magazine for Powervault 132T

Brand New - $139.00

Dell LTO-3 / LTO3 Drive and Sled for PowerVault 132T Library 341-2744 MF968 DD165

Brand New - $1,299.00